A “Core”al History 2018

This quarter, my spring Humanities Core sections have taken a multi-media approach.  This simply means that we have been analyzing and actively working with a lot of different media forms whether in our blog posts,  in our Literary Journalism Projects or in our Capstone Research.  The below videos are all student produced and address the task of contributing to an Oral History of Humanities Core Course.  Enjoy the various approaches and the abundant creativity!


The above video offers us a glimpse into  a typical day in the life of Humanities Core Course!



This is a video produced by strong women who recognize the power of having a voice.  Enjoy!


A candid discussion of the positive and negative aspects of Humanities Core Course:  “Like Empire, Humcore is nebulous!”


Reflections from the year…


“Safety First.  Welcome to Humanities Core.  Buckle up, Kids!”


Taking a comparative approach.  Core and Non-Core students analyze a painting from our discussions of  Manifest Destiny…

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